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Albiza Julibrissin (Pink Silk Tree)

Albiza Julibrissin (Pink Silk Tree)

Albizia can be deciduous trees, shrubs or climbers, with attractive bipinnate leaves with tiny leaflets, and flowerheads composed of many small flowers with prominent stamens


A. julibrissin is a medium-sized, deciduous tree with a broad, spreading crown. The large, mimosa-like leaves are composed of many small leaflets. Fluffy, greenish-yellow flowers with long stamens open on the top of the crown in summer, followed by clusters of long, narrow, pale brown pods that can hang on into winter

  • Common Name

    Red Stemmed Dogwood

  • Flowering Time

    July to August

  • Supplied Height

    170cm tall

  • Preferred Sunlight

    Full Sun

  • Supplied Pot Size


  • Type of Plant

    Deciduous Shrub

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