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  • Planting Services

    If you live in the North Essex, South Cambridgeshire or East Hertfordshire there's a good chance that GWB Horticulture Ltd (our partnership organisation) can help you plant you new purchases. GWB Horticulture LTD can remove hedges, trees, fences and much more in readiness for you new hedge, trees or other plants. Take a look at their site to find out more or enter your details into the following online form in order to arrange a quote.

  • Shrubs, Trees and Hedges Aftercare

    So you've made the decision to have some new shrubs or hedging planted, you've committed to the expense, waited patiently for your new plants to arrive. In the first two seasons its very important to remember to look after your new purchase to ensure its success. Whilst new hedges might not need trimming for a season or two they do need some after care to be put in place in order to ensure they become established successfully. The most essential requirement is watering and during dry spells you must not forget to water. Don't rely on the rain as often rainfall isn't heavy enough to water newly installed tree, shrubs or hedges. Also be very ware of rain shadow; for example the area beneath a wall that always stays dry despite the rain. The roots of your new plants are by no means as extensive or deeply established as those of your existing and mature shrubs; this is way they need a little extra help. Some species more than others. See the quick list below to help you get the best out of your new tree, shrub or hedge: Ensure plants are well-watered during dry spells for the next two years (don't rely on rainfall!) Top-dress annually with a general-purpose fertiliser, such as Growmore. Keep the area beneath the new plants weed free as otherwise you'll be watering the weeds and not your new purchase!

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  • Delivery | Plants and More

    Delivery We offer local or nationwide delivery on all our items. As you can appreciate sending plants, shrubs or big bags of compost through the postal service or via a courier can be tricky. We do send small packages but we prefer to send pallets and providing the items go through The Pallet Network we'll send your items on one or more pallets and you'll "only ever pay for one". ​ Based locally and you can take advantage of our "free local delivery" and if you're a recent customer of GWB Horticulture Ltd you'll be entitled to postage discounts (contact GWB Horticulture LTD) for an up to date delivery code. A recent customer of GWB Horticulture LTD is considered to be someone whose had works invoiced within the past three months. ​ Delivery Days; with the exception of Local Deliveries we try not to send plants on any days other than Monday and Tuesday. We do this to avoid having plants sit in sorting hubs over the weekend; especially during the warmer months. ​ Local Deliveries are often made toward the end to the week but we will contact you in order to confirm. ​ We aim to fulfil orders from the time of order and payment through to the point of delivery day within 5 to 7 days. Pre-order items and peak seasons can adversely affect this. The Online Store Delivery Options and Costs We sell small, large and massive items! Some of these things weigh next to nothing; others are completely back breaking! Take a look below to give yourself any idea of how the delivery costs are calculated. The delivery is in most cases calculated at the checkout but if you see £1234 you've selected a particularly bulky item and we'll need to provide you with a quote for delivery. ​ FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS OVER £480 ​ Free deliveries will almost always be sent out on pallets, please check details regards pallet deliveries at the bottom of this page. Small Parcel Our delivery nationwide starts from £9. The items we sell are all various weights and sizes and when you place an item into the basket the basket total will show you what you expect to pay for postage. Large Parcel Our next delivery nationwide for items from £15 . The items we sell are all various weights and sizes and when you place an item into the basket the basket total will show you what you expect to pay for postage. Pallet Delivery We find this to be the best method to ship shrubs, compost and sundries and when ordering with us you will only ever pay for the shipping of one pallet. Even if you order fills up 5 or 15 pallets! ​ Pallets are sent at a cost of £60 within the UK although cost to some postcodes and Northern Ireland may vary. To see more regards pallets delivery please see the notes at the bottom of this page regarding The Pallet `Network. Local Delivery We have two different delivery rates for your local customers and these are as follows and these rates apply to all items no matter how big or small. Please see below for more details. Local Delivery Area 1; delivery to the following postcodes cost £9 or its FREE on orders over £75. ​ CB10, CB11, CB23, CM22, CM24, SG8, SG9, SG10, SG11 ​ Local Delivery Area 2: delivery to the following postcodes cost £25 or its FREE on orders over £150. ​ CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, CB5 ​ If you're just outside of the above postcodes then please do not hesitate to let us know what you're interested in and the delivery address and we can provide you with a quote. ​ Please do not select Local Delivery if you do not fall within the postcodes areas as specified above; this will only delay your order. Bulky Items Unfortunately some of the items we sell do not fit through the Pallet Network and as such a quote for Nationwide Delivery will be needed. If the item shows the tag BULKY ITEM then please contact us in order to arrange a quote for delivery. *Pallet Delivery ​ With specialist built hubs and digital scanning at every interface The Pallet Network is one of the best ways to move bulky and heavy items throughout the UK. Please note pallets and plants combined will not exceed 2.2m in height or 1.250kg in weight. Delivery point needs 3m access or kerbside and pallets will be unloaded via a taillight and therefore cannot be off loaded onto soft ground. ​ Delivery Vehicle​s ​ Most deliveries are made with 18 tonne vehicles with a tail-lift and a manual pump trolley. We do not use any cranes or hi-abs for our deliveries. We advise that the vehicles are slightly larger than a standard dustbin lorry, therefore there needs to be an adequate amount of space for the vehicle, with no obstructions or restrictions. ​ Offloading your products ​ All deliveries are on wooden pallets or in wooden crates (pallets with sides) and are manually wheeled onto the delivery surface. We can only guarantee a kerbside delivery. The delivery surface needs to be smooth (such as concrete or tarmac) and flat or level with no incline. Please note that it is completely down to the driver’s discretion whether or not he deems the delivery location safe. ​ Possible Restrictions ​ The ground must be solid and flat. We cannot deliver onto loose gravel, grass or uneven surfaces. Hanging obstructions such as trees and cables, or parked vehicles may prevent the vehicle from accessing the delivery location. Height restrictions and bridges may pose an issue for delivery vehicles. ​ If you have any concerns regards anything detailed above then please do not hesitate to let us know. Contact Us Thanks for submitting! Submit

  • Home | Plants and More; The Online Store

    Welcome to Plants and More Bringing People and Plants Together Shop Pre-Order Our Story How it Began Plants and More is built on the solid and practical foundations developed by business owner and developer Gareth Broad during his 25 years experience in the gardening, landscaping and the arboricultural sector. We're proud to provide customers with the highest quality products, supplies and support throughout their online shopping journey, upto and following their delivery. We truly believe that customers are the most important thing within any business and we strive to encourage to come back time and time again. The business owners and many of the team have experience in delivering horticultural and arboricultural services direct to the public and commercial sectors meaning we are well placed to offer guidance and advice. ​ Following the success in previous years with GWB Horticulture Plant Sales, this year sees the arrival of Plants and More. Whilst we hold some stock in our UK sites we often resolve sourcing issues by supplying larger quantity orders direct from growers whether UK or European based. If you are looking to fulfill larger gardening and landscaping projects our pre-order facility might be suitable for you saving you £££'s against other suppliers whilst maintaining and excelling when it comes to quality. ​ Get in Touch Feel free to contact us with any questions, requests or concerns. We love hearing from our customers and are happy to help. ​ If you are after a large quantity of plants of any sort than please do not hesitate to let us know; we are happy to help and can save you money on your plants and projects. 01799 543483 Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • | Plants and More

    Updates Things are always changing; don't miss out on the news. Plus we specialise in supplying large quantities of plants to gardeners, landscapers and anyone else who needs them. This is normally done on a preorder basis. ​ As such in time we will introduce a pre-order facility to our site to take advantage of seasonal orders such as bulbs, rootball hedging and much more. ​ Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to kept upto date with developments. ​ ​ ​ Subscribe Form Submit Thanks for submitting!

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