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Strulch (A Mulch) per 150L (13.5KG)

Strulch (A Mulch) per 150L (13.5KG)

This is a fantastic product for mulching beds, borders and pots.


It’s light weight so you don’t need to be a big butch landscaper to apply it. It’s made from wheat straw and has a neutral ph so it’s great around the garden for vegetable and flower beds.


As a mulch is suppresses weed growth (reputedly by 95%), locks in moisture around plants, feeds the soil whilst improving soil structure and what’s more it deters slugs and snails. Try it around your Hostas!


Our larger 150L bags weighing just 13.5kg cover an impressive 4.5 square metres.


This price includes VAT at 20%. A full and proper VAT receipt will be issued upon request.


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