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Tosa spirea 'Snowmound' (Spirea nipponica Snowmound)

Tosa spirea 'Snowmound' (Spirea nipponica Snowmound)

Spiraea are deciduous shrubs, sometimes suckering, with simple leaves and short racemes, panicles or corymbs of small, 5-petalled white or pink flowers in spring or summer


'Snowmound' is a spreading medium-sized deciduous shrub with arching branches bearing small obovate leaves and short lateral shoots ending in rounded clusters, to 4cm in width, of small white flowers

  • Common Name

    Tosa Snowmound Spirea

  • Flowering Time

    July to August

  • Supplied Height

    Approx 100cm tall

  • Preferred Sunlight

    Full Sun or Part Shade

  • Supplied Pot Size


  • Type of Plant

    Deciduous Shrub


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