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White Broom (Cytisus Praecox Albus)

White Broom (Cytisus Praecox Albus)

Known as White Broom, White Warminster Broom and Spanish White Broom. This is the elegant opulent version of the common, yellow variety of Cytisus.


\Fairly fast growing, Cytisus Praecox Albus, is a dense deciduous shrub that produces profuse white and cream coloured scented flowers. The buds appear along the stems in spring-time and the pretty white flowers emerge soon afterwards, lasting into early summer. White Broom has an upright growing habit in the centre of the plant and creates arch shaped stems around the sides of the shrub.


A stunningly beautiful specimen, displaying flowers over the entire plant, which will look beautiful in any size garden.

  • Common Name

    White Broom

  • Flowering Time


  • Supplied Height

    Approx 100cm tall

  • Preferred Sunlight

    Full Sun or Part Shade

  • Supplied Pot Size


  • Type of Plant

    Deciduous Shrub


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