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Blood, Fish and Bone from Vitax 10kg

Blood, Fish and Bone from Vitax 10kg

Growwsie Blood, Fish & Bone 10kg
A traditional, organic-based general purpose fertiliser
Improves vegetable, fruit and flower quality, Blood, Fish and Bone contains three major nutrients essential for strong and healthy growth.
Blood, Fish and Bone:
Contains nitrogen to encourage strong growth and healthy, rich green foliage
Slowly and steadily releases phosphate to promote vigorous root growth
Added Potash promotes flower colour and improves ripening in fruit and vegetables
Applied throughout the growing season, Blood, Fish and Bone can be used prior to sowing or planting or as a top dressing. Although it should be watered in, try not to use before rainfall.
During application, avoid the fertiliser lodging on leaves or stems and do not exceed the recommended application information.
Always read the product label. If you own a smallholding, do not use where cattle, sheep, goats and deer have access.
Keep out of reach of children, pets and other animals. Store in a dry place.

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