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Shrubs, Trees and Hedges Aftercare

So you've made the decision to have some new shrubs or hedging planted, you've committed to the expense, waited patiently for your new plants to arrive.

In the first two seasons its very important to remember to look after your new purchase to ensure its success. Whilst new hedges might not need trimming for a season or two they do need some after care to be put in place in order to ensure they become established successfully.

The most essential requirement is watering and during dry spells you must not forget to water. Don't rely on the rain as often rainfall isn't heavy enough to water newly installed tree, shrubs or hedges. Also be very ware of rain shadow; for example the area beneath a wall that always stays dry despite the rain.

The roots of your new plants are by no means as extensive or deeply established as those of your existing and mature shrubs; this is way they need a little extra help. Some species more than others.

See the quick list below to help you get the best out of your new tree, shrub or hedge:

  • Ensure plants are well-watered during dry spells for the next two years (don't rely on rainfall!)

  • Top-dress annually with a general-purpose fertiliser, such as Growmore.

  • Keep the area beneath the new plants weed free as otherwise you'll be watering the weeds and not your new purchase!

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