Mixed Tray of 15 Jumbo Annuals

Mixed Tray of 15 Jumbo Annuals

The range of annuals changes on an almost weekly basis and its very difficult to list everything here.
This listing is for a tray of 15 individually potted high quality UK grown annuals.
We can either make up a tray for you, comprising of 15 of the same plants or a mixture of upto 15 varieties!
You can have us select a mixture of our best plants for you... let us suprise you! Simply click "surprse me" below.
Or alternatively we can put together a tray of your choosing, whether chossing the species (Geraniums, Petunias, Nepeta, Marigold, Fushia and many more), the colour (pink, white, red, purple with white stripes and many more) and the growth type (trailing or bushy).
Be careful as depending on the time of year some might need to avoid the frost.
The range of plants changes so often it's difficult to list everything here buts heres a few to start with......
Petunias trailing....
Banana Candy (Yellow), Pinwheel Purple and others already here!
Geraniums (Pelargonium pellatum)...
Double Kate Dark Red, Corriente Amethyst, Corriente Dark Red, Ivy Geranium Suprme White, Interspecific Calliope (Birght Pink) and others already here!
Pelargonium trailing...
Temprano Lilac,  others already here!
Bush Fuschias...
Bush Thalia (Red) 
Verbena Trailing...
Limegreen Pink, Sky Blue, Magelana Scarlet and others coming soon!
White, Deep Yellow, Starlight Blue, Pink and White Combined, Red and White Combined and others coming soon!
Blazing Fire.
Solaris Table.
 A lovely little pot filler!
And as the weeks move on more and more choice will become available.... go on treat yourself!
How would you like your tray?
  • Plant Type

    Annuals; they only last for a year or part of the growing season.

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