Various Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Roses

Various Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Roses


We haven't had chance to fully list all of our available Roses but we wanted to give people the chance to make purchases.


We've listed a few below, choose the one you want and enter the name in the feild below when ordering:


Floribunda "You're Beautiful" Pink 80cm tall, heavily scent.

Floribunda "Valentine Heart" Pink 100cm, pleasent perfume.

Floribunda "Tickled Pink" Pink 100cm, very fragrant all season.

Floribunda "Sweet Honey" Orange Tones 90cm.

Floribunda "Sunset Boulevard" Salmolm Pink 90cm.

Floribunda "Sheilas Perfume" Orange Pink.

Floribunda "Night Owl" Deep Pink.

Floribunda "Many Happy Returns" Lush Pink, 90cm, fragrant.

Floribunda "My Mum" Scarlett, 100cm, light fragrance.

Floribunda "Lets Celebrate" Mauve Purple Flecked, 90cm, slight fragrance.

Floribunda "Love Struck" Cherry Red, 100cm, light fragance repeat flowering.

Floribunda "Lady Marmalade" Tangerine Orange, 100cm, sweetly scented.

Floribunda "Korresia" Bright Yellow, 70cm, fragrant.

Floribunda "Jam and Jerulselum" Salmon Ornage and Gold, 75cm

Floribunda "Irish Eyes" Small Orange and Yellow Flowerrs, 85cm, light scent

Floribunda "Iceberg" White, 100cm, frangrant

Floribunda "Golden Wedding" Deep Golden Wedding, 80cm, light fragrance.

Floribunda "English MIss" Double Pale Pink, 70cm, very frangrant.

Floribunda "Claire Marshall" Georgeous Mauve/Pink, 100cm, rich perfume.

Floribunda "For You" Light Blue, 80cm, fragrant

Floribunda "Birthday Girl" Carmine Pink edged cream, 90cm, light fragrance.

Floribunda "Arthur Bell" Double YellowCream, 100cm, fragrant.

Floribunda "Absolutely Fabulous" Ruffled Butter Yellow, 100cm, veyr fragrant.


Rose Hybrid Tea "A winter shade of pale" Pale Pink, 80cm, fragrant

Rose Hybrid Tea "Aphrodite", light pink, 85cm, excellent scent

Roise Hybird Tea, "Buxom Beasuty" Magenta Pink, 120cm, very storng scent

Rose Hybird Tea, "Dawn Chourus" Deep Orange, 80cm,

Rose Hybrid Tea, "Fragrnat Cloud" Coral Red, 100cm, very fragrant

Rose Hybird Tea "Indian Summer" Creamy Orange, 75cm, excellent fragrance

Riose HYbrid Tea "Ingrid Bergman" Dark Red, 100cm, fragrant

Rose Hybird Tea "Just Joey" Pretty Double Copper Orange, 100cm, very fragrant

Riose Hybrid Tea "Loving Memory" large Crimson Scarlett Blooms, 100cm, delciate frangrance

Rose Hybrid Tea "Peace" Golden Yellow, 110cm, lightly fragrant

Rose Hybrid Tea "Rachel" Pink/Peach Double Flowers, 100cm, very fragrant

Rose Hybrid Tea "Red Devil" large red flower 180cm, fragrant

Rose Hybird Tea "Royal William" Double Deep Crimson Flowers, 100cm,

Rose Hybird Tea "Ruby Wedding" Ruby Red, 90cm, 

Rose Hybrid Tea "Savoy Hotel" Light Pink, 90cm, slight fragrance

Rose Hybrid Tea "Scent-Sation" Peach Pink, 90cm, very fragrant,

Rose Hybird Teras "Silver Jubilee" Silvery Pink, 100cm, slight fragrance

Rose Hybird Tea "Simply the Best" Coppery Orange, 110cm, very frangrant

Riose Hybrid Tea "Sunny Sky" Double Yellow, 100cm, fruity fragrance

Rose Hybrid Tea "Sweet Parfume De Provence" Deep Pink, 90cm, storng scent

Rose Hybrid Tea "Tequila Sunrise" Double Yellow, 


All the above roses are supplied in a 4L pot.


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