John Innes 1,2 or 3 25 litre bags

John Innes 1,2 or 3 25 litre bags

John Innes No.1 compost is perfectly suited to growing young plants, from seedlings to cuttings in seed trays and pots. Growise John Innes Compost contains a carefully balanced spectrum of nutrients to suite plants at this early growth stage.

  • Perfect for Seedlings & Root cuttings in Trays and Pots
  • John Innes Blend of Loam, Irish Peat, Grit and Fertilisers
  • Sold in 25 Litre bags


John Innes No. 2 contains double the amount of nutrients found in John Innes No 1 to suit established plants. John Innes no 2 compost is the perfect everyday compost for your garden to ensure they are well nourished and well supported.


John Innes No.3 compost is blended specifically for potting on and final planting of mature plants into larger containers and pots, it contains the usual traditional blend of Loam, Irish Peat and Grit as well as a higher concentration of nutrients for stronger plants.

  • Use for final potting and repotting of mature plants
  • John Innes Blend of Loam, Peat and Grit 
  • Contains added fertilisers for Mature Plants 


John Innes Compost helps promote strong root development and healthy growth of plants and also retains moisture well over dry periods to help reduce watering and prevent drying out.